Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kalam Polow Shirazi ~ Cabbage Rice from Shiraz

Much to my surprise the Shirazi version of this rice has herbs in it, specifically, it has Persian basil which to the best of my knowledge is never used in other types of polow! The end result was simply delicious!

Repeat layering with herbs but this time add all of the meatballs and then the cabbage on top. Do one more layer of rice, herbs, and cabbage. Finish off with a layer of white rice. With the back of a spatula make 5 holes in the rice making sure not to touch the bottom of the pot.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Charcoal grills pollute the air and may cause cancer

Are Backyard Barbecues Bad for Your Health?

Charcoal Grilling May Pose Cancer Risks

According to the American Cancer Society, PAHs form when fat from meat drips onto the charcoal. They then rise with the smoke and can get deposited on the food. They can also form directly on the food as it is charred. The hotter the temperature and the longer the meat cooks, the more HCAs are formed.

HCAs can also form on broiled and pan-fried beef, foul and fish, not just on grilled meats. In fact, National Cancer Institute researchers have identified 17 different HCAs that result from cooking “muscle meats” and that may pose human cancer risks. Studies have also shown increased risk of colorectal, pancreatic and breast cancers associated with high intakes of well done, fried or barbequed meats.